Big Bear

kid friendly hikes

Kid-friendly Hiking Trails in Big Bear

Hiking as a family is one of the best activities you can do on your vacation to the Big Bear area. For the kids, it offers fresh air, exercise, outdoor education, and time together away from screens. Big Bear provides incredible trails for any level of hiker.   Involving your kids in the planning process from the start will make it more enjoyable for them. If you are new to hiking, here are some tips...

How to Find a Perfect Cabin In Big Bear?

How To Find a Perfect Cabin in Big Bear?

If you have chosen Big Bear as a vacation destination, you’ve made an excellent decision! One of the first tasks is to select a place to stay. Nothing can make your stay feel more authentic than renting one of the many cool cabins in Big Bear. Discover how to get a vacation cabin in Big Bear lake. Why Choose a Cabin in Big Bear? Big Bear offers four seasons of activity on land and water: swimming,...

Tips to Travel Safely to Big Bear During COVID-19

How to Travel Safely to Big Bear During COVID-19

Summer is here, and Big Bear is ready to welcome visitors! Traveling to Big Bear Lake during an ongoing pandemic may cause worry, but there are several actions you can take to help keep your family and those around you safe. These Tips to travel safely to Big Bear during COVID-19 will help you relax and enjoy your time in Big Bear, knowing you are prepared.   Follow Current Guidelines for a Safe...

5 popular hiking trails near Big Bear

Big Bear Hiking for Beginners

When you visit Big Bear Lake hiking is a fantastic way to explore Big Bear and the San Bernardino Mountains. Hiking in Big Bear Lake requires minimal equipment, making it appealing for all ages. Your adventure starts with hiking gear, including sturdy hiking shoes, appropriate clothing for the weather, and a backpack to carry essentials. Take advantage of the Big Bear Visitor Center. The staff can...


7 Reasons to Visit Big Bear

If you crave outdoor activity year-round, Big Bear is the perfect destination for your next trip. Nestled in the San Bernardino Mountains, Big Bear sits at an elevation of 6,750 feet. But you can undoubtedly find opportunities to climb higher.  At one time, the region was home to a large population of grizzly bears, which is how Big Bear derived its name. Today, you won’t find any grizzlies, but...

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